Basic Search

On the Search page, enter the words that you want to search for in the entry box. The search tool will search for one or more of those terms.

Search will only return items from the current worksite or course. The results are ranked according to a relevance score. This score is based on the proximity of the words, and the frequency of the words within the content. If there are more than 10 results, the results will be paged, and you can browse through the pages by selecting the page number to view.

The search tool performs some basic analysis on the words you enter. For example, it will ignore frequently occurring terms like I or the and will reduce words to their stem word.

For example, if you search for cowslips, the search tool will recognise the stem of the word as cowslip and search for all words with that stem, i.e. cowslip, cowslips.

To improve search accuracy, you can prefix terms with + or -, indicating the search must contain or must not contain the term which follows.

For example if you search for +cowslips -bluebells, the search will return results which contain the stem cowslip and do not contain the stem bluebell.