Search: Overview

Search allows you to search content created by tools within a worksite or course. It achieves this by creating an index of all content that other tools make available to the search tool. This index is updated automatically, so as content is added to the worksite or course, it will be indexed.

For example, if the worksite or course has an email list, as emails are posted to the list, the content of those emails will be indexed and become searchable in the search tool.

Search indexes many different types of content, including messages, web pages in HTML format, documents in DOC, PDF, or RTF format, spreadsheets in XLS format, and Wiki pages.


On the Search page, you will find an entry box. To search, simply enter the words that you want to search for.

Using RSS to watch search results

Once you have performed a search, you will notice that an RSS icon appears with the search results. This enables you to watch the search in your favourite RSS reader. If you take some time to look at the advanced search features, you will find that you can generate RSS feeds of all sorts of information in the index.