Student Content

"Add Student Content" will insert a tool that permits students to add pages of their own. Those pages look much like regular Lessons pages, although there are fewer options. This allows students to share material with the rest of the class. There is an option to permit other students to comment on their work.

Small icons appear to the left of the point for each student's page. The icons show which entries are new, and which contain new content or new comments.


The Edit button will allow you to change certain details about the comment tool. This includes the following:

To save your changes, click Update Item.

The Delete option may be used to delete the student block from the page. Note that the student pages themselves remain in the database, although only an administrator will be able to retrieve them.

Note that when a student uploads a file through a student page, it is normally put into the resources area of their workspace. Lessons will give authorized readers of the page access to any file that is listed in the student's page, even if it wouldn't normally be visible to others.


Note that students may create subpages, so there may be more than one page for a given student. The point score applies to all pages by that student.

To simplify the job of grading all students, you'll find < and > buttons on the left and right sides of the grading section. That lets you move to the previous or next student.

The points you enter apply to all comments by that student in that student content section. So if they have made multiple comments, any new score you enter will show next to every comment by that student.

In the Grading Pane you'll see a button Toggle Comments to the right of each student. That will show or hide a listing of all the comments entered by that student. Show Context will show you the student content page on which that particular comment appeared, with that student's comments highlighted.

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