Import Common Cartridge

This function allows you to read a file in IMS Common Cartridge Format. This format is used by content vendors to supply instructional material, including tests and pages of content. Other course management systems such as Blackboard can also export the contents of a course in Common Cartridge format. So this can be used to move content between course management systems.

Currently Sakai can read Common Cartridge versions 1.0 and 1.1, but it can't write this format. Writing will be available in a future version.

When you import a Common Cartridge, it can (depending upon the cartridge) create new pages with content on them, and add tests, forum topics, and assignments. It can also create question pools. If it create a question pool, it will only show up if you go into Tests and Quizes and use "Questions Pools."


Cartridges can specify that certain resources should be available only to instructors, or only instructors and "mentors." Lessons does not implement mentors, as there is no natural Sakai equivalent. Instructor-only content is intended for things such as answer sheets.

For the current release of Lessons, instructor-only content is loaded into the site, but not placed on a page. Where the tool permits it, it is hidden. Currently this is implemented as follows:

No method is currently implemented to hide topics in YAFT or Jforums.