Add text or HTML content ot a page

This function allows you to add a block of text to your page. You can also use it to add other web content, such as tables or links. However it is often more convenient to use "Add Resources" to add links to the page.

Add Text

Click Add Text at the top of the page to add text to the page. Enter your text in the rich text editor provided and click Save at the bottom of the page.

You can use text to introduce other pieces of content on the page, this can help orient the student.

If you have groups or sections in the site, a set of checkboxes will be shown under the rich text editor. This allows you to make this text visible only to some groups. Students who are not in one of the checked sections of groups will not see this item on their page at all.

Edit Text

If you want to edit a piece of text that you have already added to the page, click Edit to the left of the text item. When you are satisfied with your changes, click Save at the bottom of the page. You can also click Cancel to return to your page without applying any changes.

Remove Text

If you want to remove a piece of text, click Edit to the left of the text item. Click the Delete button below the text editor.

Warning: There is no confirmation step; clicking the delete button will permanently remove the text item from your Lesson Builder page. There is no way to retrieve it once it has been deleted.

Allowable content

To prevent users from adding content that might cause problems for other users, Sakai provides ways of avoiding "dangerous" content. Javascript code is considered dangerous. Even embedding content from other sites may be considered dangerous.

Normally the instructor can embed content from other sites. Whether or not they can use Javascript is controlled by institutional policy.

Student-supplied content is more restrictive. Students are never permitted to add Javascript or other dangerous content.

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