Adding Additional Pages

7. Add Subpages

Lessons pages can refer to other pages. Since pages are commonly organized as a hierarchy, Lessons refers pages referenced in another page "subpages" of it.

Click the Add Subpage button at the top of the page. Fill in the text field labeled Page title with the title of your new subpage and click Create.

This will take you to a blank Lessons page, where you can add new content pieces as you see fit.

Less common ways to use pages

The term "subpage" can be somewhat misleading, since it's prefectly possible for the same page to be referred from from several other pages. It's also possible to have a sequence of pages where each is really the next page in the sequence, rather than a subpage. It's even possible for pages to refer to each other, producing a loop, though we don't recommend doing this.

Add subpage is still the way to set this up. Normally it creates a new page, and puts a link to it on the original page. That is, it creates a new subpage. However there is also an option for choosing an existing page. That lets you add a reference to an existing page. This is the way to make the same page appear on more than one other page.

Next page The Add Page dialog has an option that's worth explaining: "Next page." Normally Lessons treats pages that appear on another page as "subpages." The navigation at the top of the page will show that you've gone down another level, and give you an easy way to return. But if you're constructing a sequence of pages, you probably don't want Lessons to treat them as subpages. That is, you want the navigation at the top to treat them as at the same level, not adding another level to the "bread crumbs", but displaying the next and previous pages in the sequence using the Next and Previous links at the top. To do this, when you create or add a reference to the next page in the sequence, choose the "Next page" option.

Edit a Subpage

To edit information about a subpage, click Edit to the left of the subpage you would like to modify.

The options available for modification are as follows:

To save your changes, click Update Item. To remove the subpage from your page, click Delete.

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