Add Assignments to a Page

Click the Add Assignment button at the top of the page. This will give you a list of all assignments already created in the Assignments tool. Select the one you wish to add and use selected item.

To create a new assignment, use the link Create new assignment using Assignments at the top of the page. This will call the Assignments tool, and allow you to create a new assignment or modify an existing one. When you are ready to add the new assignment, click the Continue with Add Assignment button at the top. That will return you to the list of assignments, where you can choose the assignment you just created.

Edit an Assignment

Click Edit to the left of the assignment you would like to modify.

This will open up an Edit Item box on your screen. The options available for modification are as follows:

To save your changes, click Update Item. To remove the Assignment from your Lesson Builder page, click Delete.

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