Linking an assignment to the Gradebook

In Assignments, instructors have two options for creating an initial relationship between an assignment and a gradebook item:

In general, choosing Add Assignment to Gradebook is the simplest option because you can enter and edit assignment grades in one place (in the Assignments tool), and they will display both there and in the Gradebook.

These recommendations are based on the following issues regarding the relationship between the Assignments and Gradebook tools:

Using the Add Assignment to Gradebook option

Note: The limitations of using this option are that you can't use the Gradebook to override an assignment grade, and you must make any changes to settings, as well as any grade changes, in the Assignments tool.

Using the Associate with existing Gradebook entry option

Note: The biggest disadvantage of using this option is that if you want to edit settings, you must make the changes in both the Assignments and Gradebook tool. The advantage is that you can use the Gradebook to override an assignment grade.

Additional issues