Finding the URL of a Resources item

The Resources tool allows you to store your files in a central location and make them available to other people by referencing the URL.

To find and share the URL of an item in Resources:

  1. In the menubar, click Resources.

  2. Next to the item to which you want to link, from the Actions menu, click Edit Details.

  3. Under "File Details", next to "Web Address (URL)", highlight the URL of the item or click Select URL (for copying). Press Ctrl-c (Windows) or Cmd-c (Mac) to copy the URL.

    Note: If desired, check the Short URL box to obtain a shorter web address.

  4. Paste the URL wherever you need it by pressing Ctrl-v (Windows) or Cmd-v (Mac).

Note: To make a URL visible to users outside your site, see Making your Resources items publicly accessible.