Making your Resources items publicly accessible

When you use the Resources tool to upload an item, you can choose to keep that item accessible only to members of your site, or you can choose to make the item publicly viewable (i.e., available on the World Wide Web). The latter option allows you to share an item with the participants of another site.

To allow people outside your site to see an item in your Resources:

  1. Click My Workspace to access your personal items, or click a site tab to access items there.

  2. In the menubar, click Resources.

  3. Next to the folder or file you wish to make public, from the Actions menu, choose Edit Details.

  4. Under "Availability and Access", select This file is publicly viewable or, for folders, This folder and its contents are publicly viewable.

  5. Click Update.

After you've made your files publicly viewable, you can access and share them via the web. To find the public URL for a file in Resources, see Finding the URL of a Resources item.