Why doesn't the assessment I created appear in my gradebook?

Assessments do not appear in your gradebook until you've published them. If a published assessment you created does not appear in your gradebook, check the Grading setting for that assessment. An assessment will appear in your gradebook only if you select Grades sent to Gradebook.

Note: Selecting Grades sent to Gradebook will send scores to Gradebook immediately, regardless of feedback date.

To check the Grading setting for your assessment:

  1. From the menubar of the relevant site, click Tests & Quizzes.

  2. From the Assessments page, under "Published Assessments", find your assessment and, from the --Select Action-- drop-down box, select Settings.

  3. Under "Settings", next to "Grading", click the triangle to reveal the grading options.

  4. Under "Gradebook Options", make sure you've selected Grades sent to Gradebook.