Showing, hiding, and ordering sites

Note: When you log in, your course and project sites are displayed as tabs across the top of the screen. To enter a site, click its tab. If you belong to more sites than can be displayed as tabs, those sites will be accessible from the  - more -  drop-down list.

You can choose to hide sites (e.g., course sites from previous semesters), or reorder them (i.e., choose which sites to display in tabs), using the Preferences tool in My Workspace.

  1. From your My Workspace menubar, click Preferences.

  2. Click Customize Tabs.

  3. Under "Customize Tabs", you can use the right and left arrow buttons ( <  and  > ) to move sites from the "Sites visible in Tabs" box to the "Sites not visible in Tabs" box and vice versa. Click the double arrow buttons ( <<  and  >> ) to move all sites from one box to the other.

    Note: Sites in "Sites not visible in Tabs" are also hidden from the - more - drop-down list. However, you can still access them from Worksite Setup in My Workspace.

  4. To determine the order in which tabs are displayed, click a site in the "Sites visible in Tabs" box, and then use the up and down arrows to change the order.

    Note: Your My Workspace tab will always appear to the left of your other sites.

  5. You can change the number of tabs you see with the drop-down list next to "Tabs displayed".

  6. When you're finished, click Update Preferences.