Reading, posting, or deleting Chat Room messages

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Reading Chat Room messages

To read messages in the Chat Room:

Posting Chat Room messages

To post a message:

  1. In the menubar, click Chat Room.

  2. In the text box at the bottom of the window, type your message, and then click Add message.

    Note: No one can see your message until you click Add message, but once you do, only an instructor or a participant with special permission can delete your message.

  3. To discard a message that you haven't sent yet, click Clear.

Deleting Chat Room messages

To delete a Chat Room message that you have sufficient permission to delete, click the trash can icon next to the posting, and then click Delete.

Note: If you don't see a trash can icon, you don't have permission to delete the message.

To permanently delete all messages from a chat room, click Options, and then click Clear History. Click Delete to confirm.