Searching for a message

To search for a word in the email messages within an archive:

  1. From the menubar, choose Email Archive.

  2. In the text box near the top of the screen, type the word you want to search for, and then click Search.

    Note: The Email Archive search is not case sensitive. Also, you can search only for a single word. Do not use quotation marks around your search term unless you are searching for a term in quotation marks.

  3. A list of search results will appear. Click the linked subject line to view a message. Once you are viewing a message, click Return to List to return to your search results. Click View Headers while viewing a message to see the full headers; click Hide Headers to hide them (the button toggles between these two options).

  4. On the search results screen, click Clear Search or the reset icon ( 
    Reset icon
     ) to return to the default Email Archive display (the list of all email messages in the archive).