Viewing a news feed

If your site has a link to a news feed, it will appear in the site's menubar. Depending on how the site owner has set up the feed, you may see News in the menubar, or a more descriptive title, such as New York Times, CNN, or Yahoo! News.

The News tool in a site is an RSS "news aggregator" (or newsreader) that reads and displays continuously updated online content from RSS news feeds.

In addition to news, some web sites use the RSS format for information that is updated often, such as blogs, events listings, or the revision history of a book. You can usually identify an RSS feed URL by the .xml or .rss in the URL (e.g., or You can also search the web for RSS feeds pertaining to a certain interest or publication.

To add a web address for an RSS feed to your site (if you have the necessary permissions), see Adding, editing, or deleting a news feed.