Changing your Calendar view

In Schedule, you can view your calendar by day, week, month, or year. To change your view, use the "View" drop-down list to select Calendar by Day, Calendar by Week, Calendar by Month, or Calendar by Year. To view all of your scheduled activities in a list, select List of Events.

When viewed by day or week, the calendar will display a time range of 10 hours. To adjust the range so that it displays hours that are earlier or later in the day, click the links at the top (earlier) or bottom (later) of the calendar.

When viewing your activities as a list (by clicking List of Events), you can change which events are displayed by using the "Show" drop-down list. Choose All events, Events for today, Events for this week, Events for this month, or Events for this year. To set a custom date range, select Custom date range, use the "Start" and "End" fields to set the appropriate range, and then click Filter Events.